Changelog – Mediso

==v1.8.6== 28/07/2022

Layer Slider updated – V7.2.5

==v1.8.5== 13/02/2022

Layer Slider updated – V7.0.7

==v1.3.4== 09/08/2021

fix wp 5.8 sidebar creation
– framework/javascript/gdlr-sidebar-generator.js
– framework/stylesheet/gdlr-sidebar-generator.css

==v1.3.3== 14/04/2021

Layerslider 6.11.7

==v1.3.2== 18/12/2020

wp 5.6 compatibility
– framework/javascript/gdlr-edit-box.js
– framework/javascript/gdlr-slider-selection.js

==v1.3.1== 21/08/2020

– framework/javascript/gdlr-edit-box.js

==v1.3.0== 19/08/2020

wp 5.5 compatibility
– gdlr-import plugin
– javascript/gdlr-script.js
– framework/javascript/gdlr-edit-box.js
– framework/javascript/gdlr-page-option.js
– framework/javascript/gdlr-slider-selection.js

update layerslider

==v1.2.3== 20/05/2020
fix twitter widget
– gdlr function plugin

Layerslider 6.11.1

==v1.2.2== 21/10/2019
Update Layer Slider (6.9.2)

==v1.21== 24/10/2018
fix gutenberg
– framework/javascript/gdlr-page-option.js
– framework/function/gdlr-page-builder.php
– framework/javascript/gdlr-edit-box.js

==v1.10== 05/07/2018
Fix https video resize
Fix flexslider/woocommerce conflict
– javascript/gdlr-script.js
– include/gdlr-include-script.php
– plugin/flexslider/jquery.flexslider.js

update layer slider v6.7.6

update comments form to support privacy policy
– comments.php

add no cookie option for youtube videos
– include/gdlr-admin-option.php
– include/function/gdlr-media.php

==v1.09== 03/06/2017
update importer to show original image instead of the placeholder.
– goodlayers-importer plugin

Update Layer Slider

==v1.08== 22/04/2016
– fix shortcode spacing

– fix woocommerce stylesheet

– add revision feature

-Updated Layer Slider

==v1.07== 20/12/2015
– wp 4.4 compatibility

– update layerslider

==v1.06== 15/11/2015
update woocommerce stylesheet

shortcode fix
gdlr-shortcode plugin

– woocommerce compatibility fix

– wp 3.4 compatibility
include/widget folder

==v1.05== 25/05/2015

update layer slider version

==v1.04== 09/03/2015
add new font awesome
– include/gdlr-admin-option.php
– include/gdlr-include-script.php
– include/function/gdlr-blog-item.php
– gdlr-shortcode plugin
– gdlr-portfolio plugin
– 404.php
– include/gdlr-function-regist.php
– include/function/gdlr-media.php
– include/gdlr-navigation-menu.php
– include/function/gdlr-page-item.php
– include/widget/popular-widget.php
– search.php
– single/thumbnail.php
– single/thumbnail-image.php

==v1.03== 19/12/2014
– fix gallery shortcode
– gdlr-shortcode plugin
– framework/javascript/gdlr-editbox.js

– minor bug ( wp3.9 )
– framework/function/gdlr-customizer.php
– framework/function/gdlr-sidebar-generator.php

– master slider

==v1.02== 21/04/2014
– post slider date color
– title item icon color

– fix minor bug

– wp3.9 compatible
shortcode plugin

==v1.01== 07/04/2014
– Fixed responsive view
– General bugs fixed

==v1.00== 02/04/2014
* initial released

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